Santa's Riverboat Arrival

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Pacific Empire Chorus hailed Santa’s Riverboat Arrival on November 30, 2013 - 

As a holiday tradition, members of the Pacific Empire Chorus sang for Santa’s arrival at the historic Downtown Riverfront Harbor. We started this festive holiday season by singing Christmas songs and sharing love and laughter with friends. 

A “Santa hat tip” to Leah (for directing us) and a “Christmas shout-out” to Cathy, MaryLiz, Nancy, Greer, Susan, Donna, Linda, Debi, Barbara, Sue, Lisa, Jenevieve, Tina, Carol, Jennifer, Lynn, and Jane (for singing). 

We’ll have happy memories of KZST’s Brent Farris, Petaluma Pete, and the Petaluma Visitors Program for keeping us in touch with the joys of the holidays.  We also have the warmest regards for those who shared the stage with us and the audience sing-alongs during our performance.
We wish you peace, good health, and happiness!     Pacific Empire Chorus

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