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Pacific Empire's 50th Makes News!

From the Argus-Courier;  Thursday September 25, 2014

The award-winning, all women Pacific Empire Chorus celebrates 50 years of acappella harmony. The chorus, established in Sonoma County in 1964, and educating, entertaining and competing all over the world ever since, is marking its 50th anniversary with a show called "For The Love of Harmony" on Oct. 25 at the historic Petaluma Woman's Club, 518 B St., from 5 to 8:30pm.

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Crazy Little Thing Called Love - Gilead House Fundraiser, May 2014

Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Saturday, May 3, 2014)

The ladies in black sequins with sparkly smiles glided onto the stage and in a moment the audience was absorbed in the beautiful harmonies and a chorus so filled with joy.   The response was instant and enthusiastic as the Pacific Empire Chorus sang their final song; something about love and it being kinda crazy.  
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First Contest - a Newbie's Perspective ~ Ruth Robeson & Jacque McLaoghlin

First Contest, a Newbie’s Perspective – by Ruth Robeson


I have enjoyed singing all my life. In Junior Choir at church, I first learned about harmony and have sought out many opportunities and sung with several choruses since then. So, when I heard from Joanie about Pacific Empire Chorus, I was eager to check it out. What I discovered was acomplete surprise to me.

Patty paled a bit when I asked her how much time I would have to devote to the chorus if I joined. Now I know why. At the Regional Competition, I learned that Sweet Adelines, Int. is a very big organization with some serious, competitive members who work hard to take home the first place medals. While all is social and friendly off stage -- on stage, everyone is all business.

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2014 Kick Off - a Kick with Joe Connelly!

PEC's 2014 New Year's Kick-Off party and rehearsal is always a special event.  We share good news, fun, games, motivational prizes and inspiration to launch us into our competition season. Our January 8th party was no exception - but was made even more special by a surprise visit from our coach - the Awesome Joe Connelly!  At about 8pm, after an excellent physical and vocal warm up (hmm some of those vowels were practiced with the word Joe, come to think of it), the doors opened and to our astonishment, in he walked. What a treat! By the end of the evening he had us buzzing and singing with that lock and ring we so love - and even more excited about our year ahead together.  A big thanks to our management team and, of course, to Joe for a stellar start to 2014!

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Festival of Trees - Final Evening

'tis the season to be singing


Our last evening at the Festival of Trees December 13th was filled with the sound of happiness. Thanks to the Fabulous Women of Petaluma and the Santa Singers from Pacific Empire Chorus.  May this season's joys be with you always!


Pacific Empire Chorus

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Festival of Trees Opening - A great success!

Thanks to the Fabulous Women of Petaluma, Pacific Empire Chorus (PEC) members sang Christmas songs at the opening of the Festival of the Trees in the Theatre District of Petaluma. One Hundred Percent of the profits from this annual event are donated to worthy causes and we are grateful to be a part of Petaluma Positivity.  
A Santa hat-tip to Debi for directing the sweet harmonizing elves. High fives to the following rooftop elf singers:  Roxanne, Jenevieve, Sidney, Tina, Donna, Nancy, Greer, Jennifer, Lynn, Cathy, and the 3 Sues. 
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Santa's Riverboat Arrival

Pacific Empire Chorus hailed Santa’s Riverboat Arrival on November 30, 2013 - 

As a holiday tradition, members of the Pacific Empire Chorus sang for Santa’s arrival at the historic Downtown Riverfront Harbor. We started this festive holiday season by singing Christmas songs and sharing love and laughter with friends. 

A “Santa hat tip” to Leah (for directing us) and a “Christmas shout-out” to Cathy, MaryLiz, Nancy, Greer, Susan, Donna, Linda, Debi, Barbara, Sue, Lisa, Jenevieve, Tina, Carol, Jennifer, Lynn, and Jane (for singing).