2014 Kick Off - a Kick with Joe Connelly!

Janet Eisan's picture

PEC's 2014 New Year's Kick-Off party and rehearsal is always a special event.  We share good news, fun, games, motivational prizes and inspiration to launch us into our competition season. Our January 8th party was no exception - but was made even more special by a surprise visit from our coach - the Awesome Joe Connelly!  At about 8pm, after an excellent physical and vocal warm up (hmm some of those vowels were practiced with the word Joe, come to think of it), the doors opened and to our astonishment, in he walked. What a treat! By the end of the evening he had us buzzing and singing with that lock and ring we so love - and even more excited about our year ahead together.  A big thanks to our management team and, of course, to Joe for a stellar start to 2014!

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