Reno Rocked - Mid Sized Champions!

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PEC rocked Reno on-stage and off-stage during Regional competition this April.  For me, it all began with the valiant life-saving efforts of our own Patty Pennycook and her side-kick, Tina Castelli.  When several of us "damsels in distress", due to a dead car battery, frantically used our competition bible to look up the phone numbers of our singing sisters on the road to Reno, Patty and Tina were only an exit away, turned around, and picked us up.  There was enough space for all of us, including our luggage, in Patty's car.  Meanwhile, the good AAA came and towed away Ann Madsen's car to Reno where the battery was replaced and her car ready the next morning.  Now, that's what I call service with a smile...and I don't mean the AAA.  I am talking about Patty. She came to the rescue with all the worries and cares of a director who is hoping and praying that her chorus will give a knock-out performance in less than 2 days!  But you would never know it.  It was so much fun to get to know Patty and Tina "off-stage" as we drove the last 75 miles to Reno.  
 The last-minute efforts of the Committee of the Lost (Forgotten?) Costume showed such Sisterhood in Action.  Jenevieve didn't have her costume.  Suzi Pinkham came to watch the competition and just happened to have a costume in her car.  Kathy Rooney and Jenevieve "shared" what parts of the costume Kathy and Suzi had.  It all worked out, and the ladies looked like a million bucks (frazzled but dazzling and gorgeous) in only what seemed like a few split seconds before "showtime".  Then, suddenly, PEC was on-stage and we were more than ready to shine it on!  And we did.
Yes, I am so happy to have won first place as Mid-Size Chorus.  I am not surprised.  I am also happy that we came in 3rd place overall.  Yes, of course, we knew the plan.  We practiced the plan.  Sometimes, we over-practiced the plan wishing that Patty would let us rest, just for a moment, a short little moment.  Then, like magic, we put all the practicing aside and let it flow with all the emotion, joy and heart that we could muster on the competition stage.  And, above all, we had fun while doing this.  The reason why we did as well as we did is because we have love and respect for one another, as individuals and as a team.  I saw so much love that weekend, and I will never forget it.  Practicing the plan, working it to excellence, and harmonizing are all important off-stage components to winning a competition .  Camaraderie, caring, sharing, mutual respect and harmony are also important off-stage components to winning a competition.  When you combine these two "off-stage components", that's when "real winning" occurs on-stage.  And that's what we did in Reno.  I fell in love that weekend.  I plan to stay in love.  Thank you, Patty, for the smiles that you bring, off-stage and on-stage.  Thank you to the ladies who played a big role that weekend.  And each and every Wednesday night.  You all know who you are PEC, a team of dreamers making dreams come true!    
In harmony,
Nancy Drelich

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