The Adventures In Music (AIM) Region 12 Pep Rally

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Peace, Love, & Harmony
September 2017

This Adventures in Music (AIM) very well could have been absolutely the best ever.  In fact, it was fantastic!

The highest of accolades to our Las Vegas competitors Bay Area Showcase Champion Chorus, Sacramento Valley Wild Card Chorus, and Fresco Quartet Champion.  Their performance packages were of the highest quality and thoroughly entertaining!  We know they will be sensational on stage at the SAI Competition in Las Vegas (Cheer, clap your hands, and stomp your feet for our Region 12 competitors).

Thanks to Song of Sonoma, our Pep Rally producing chapter, for “A Night at the Oscars”.  They certainly deserve a round of applause for organizing this event.  The entertaining salutes from Mission Valley Chorus, Song of Sonoma Chorus, Turbulence Quartet, and our very own Pacific Empire Chorus demonstrated our care, respect, support and appreciation of and for our very own Region 12 champion and wild card choruses and champion quartet who are off to compete at the exciting International Level!

 PEC felt very fortunate to be the Host Chorus and as a result, we were happy and very busy all weekend long!   Handling registration gave us the positive opportunity to meet and greet all of our Region 12 friends.  Ushering for and registering our friends from Region 12 also gave us other opportunities to benefit from the schedule of events.  Thanks to our regional faculty, regional management team, RCSC, and our guest faculty member, the fabulous Ryan Heller, Director of the Pride of Portland Chorus. We loved all the clasees and meetings and felt so fortunate to get to perform for the region three separate times.  We are so grateful for the opportunity to coach with Ryan Heller on Sunday morning and thank the entire Region for this weekend of fun dedicated to our International competitors.  Go Region 12!


                                                                                                         PEC Registration Station

                                    First Timer Ribbon                                                                                                           First Timer Ribbon


                                                                                               AIM Host Chorus Performance Saturday Afternoon

                                                                                                             Saturday Night at the Oscars   Photography by Don Shively

                                                                                                      PEC Sunday Coaching with Ryan Heller:  Lyrical Energy, Authenticity, and Freedom