Melany Callagher

Team Coordinator
2017 to 2018
  • Facilitates the Management Team, and in consultation, sets the agenda for meetings.
  • Represents the chorus at regional/international meetings as appropriate.
  • Chooses a team of leaders to assist in carrying out needed assignments (the Operations Team).
  • Brings recommendations of the chorus Operations Team to the Management Team for decision and action.
  • First line of support for the musical director at all chorus events.
  • Reports to chorus on a monthly basis all pertinent chorus business information.

Melany is in Supply Chain Management for a major medical device company in Sonoma County. She also serves at the Board Secretary for Silver Tsunami Productions, a production company for educating caregivers on the available resources for elder care.  She handles all things Team-Leader oriented for the chorus, as well as serving as Assistant Choral Director.  She sings Lead both in the chorus and her quartet, Surprise!