Jennifer Mayhew

Tenor Section Leader / Coaching Manager

Jennifer was immediately hooked on women's barbershop singing when she attended a chorus rehearsal in 1984. This organization was what she'd been looking for, after a twenty-year hiatus from music, to feed her singing and performing passion, and put a new focus on her personal growth. 


Jennifer has flourished on the creative side of the chorus as Costume Manager, Visual Coordinator, Baritone Section Leader and loves feeding her inner diva as a front row dancer.  She's expanded her love of performing by competing with numerous chorus quartets and currently is blessed to sing with three lovely friends in Surprise! Quartet.


Her contributions to the chorus administration have been served as a member of the Management Team, Long Range Planning Team and as Coaching Manager. Jennifer has proudly performed on stage with Pacific Empire for every Regional and International competition since 1985, and takes pride in being a part of a chorus that continues to reach new heights in musical excellence.