A new Surprise!

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Well, surprise, Surprise! - we have a new formation!  Our beautiful tenor Sidney needed to spend time focusing on college, her passion and talent for theatre, and, in general, Life (with a capital L at the age of 20!)...  We were both sad and happy to let her go to flourish as we know that she will! 

In a typical surprise move, Jennifer (former baritone of Surprise!) has moved to Tenor and we welcome our new, beautiful Baritone (lead turned baritone!), Roxanne Kolbe - with open arms!  Just in time to compete in Reno in three weeks.  This sounds VAGUELY familiar - but we are excited to be starting this new adventure together -  Don't miss the Region 12 competition in Reno - April 25th and 26th at the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino - it might be full of Surprises!


Melany, Janet, Jenifer & Roxanne

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