Tina Castelli

Visual Coordinator
  • Works with the Director to ensure a coordinated visual plan, to design a competition costume, and to set the costume budget.
  • Selects costume manufacturer and coordinates meetings between vendor, Music Coordinator and Costume Manager regarding costume design elements and budget restrictions based on the calendar year's performance and competition plans.
  • Keeps chorus Management Team informed of costume design development and projected costs, and works with the Finance Coordinator to plan costume expense assessments to chorus membership.
  • Ensures that all visual designs have the approval of the Musical Coordinator prior to implementation.
  • Attends Music Team and/or Music Leader meetings, as requested.
  • Chooses a team of leaders to assist in carrying out needed assignments. Positions included on this team are Choreography Manager, Costume Manager, Make-up and Hair Manager, Physical Warm-Up Manager.


  • Monitors all communications to chorus regarding visual education and teaching dates, costume sizing and distribution, make-up education and support. This includes chorus website, electronic communications and rehearsal announcements.
  • Monitors assignments and focus for physical warm-ups before rehearsals.
  • Brings recommendations of the Visual Team to the Management Team for decision and action.


Tina Castelli was instantly hooked on a cappella harmonies the first night she walked into the Pacific Empire Chorus back in 1990. She has been on the chorus front row since her first coaching session and she joined the Visual Team in 1993. Tina enjoys script writing, creating choregraphy and loves to see a performance come together. She is the creative force behind all things visual for the chorus. She became Visual Coordinator in 2009 when Patty Hawley-Pennycook began as our Director. She sings Bass.